October 19th and 26th, 2024
Wood Fired Raku workshop, Spring - Fall 1 (more info)
November 2nd and 9th, 2024
Wood Fired Raku workshop, Spring - Fall 2 (more info)

Regular pottery classes
Tuesdays and Thursdays are regular pottery classes, 7-9 pm. Presently, the class is fully open to beginning or intermediate recreational potters. Occasional special classes are held for Egyptian Paste Beads and Papermaking.

$25 per class, Beginners welcome. Additional fees for clay and firing. Students can start at any time by calling the studio or e-mailing Rebecca Koop @
beckykoop@aol.com, calling (816) 483-6964 or texting (816) 808-2789

Sorry there are no "ONE TIME" or "Walk IN" classes offered.
To qualify for the $25 per session you must sign up for a minimum of 4 consecutive classes to hold a spot in the class.
"Regular" students reserve on a monthly basis until they choose to move on.

One time, Group or Team Building classes
A two hour class where you can make a pot (or two) on the potters wheel.
I will see that the pots made are trimmed, bisque fired, glazed and glaze fired.
Pick up finished work 6-8 weeks later. This includes the clay, glazes, instruction and firing.
One day or evening either on some Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. Appointments necessary by e-mailing me.
No more than 8 people @ $45 per person.
Minimum for booking 6 people or $270 for the special session.
Raku You will learn basic hand-building techniques and produce at least one piece to be bisqued, glazed and Raku-fired. In the second session we will glaze fire our hand-built work in a wood-fired Raku kiln.  Be prepared to cut some wood and stoke the kiln to reach a glowing temperature of 1950 F. within an hour. The post are pulled out red-hot  and quick cooled for completed pots that afternoon. (more info)
Egyptian Paste Egyptian Paste (also known as Faience) is a colored self-glazing clay, fired to 1900° F. Come experience the magic of this 3,000 year old process. First session will include demonstrations of marbling, forming and molding, then hands-on bead/ornament making. Final session includes stringing and assembling the fired beads into a finished piece. (more info)
(Completed). Mosaic Tile Building and Wednesday classes (more info)
Explore the ancient methods of papermaking using everyday, off-the-shelf products and recycled materials to make artful 8 1/2 sheets of unique paper. (more info)

Rebecca Koop is offering on site guest workshops. Supplies and materials are brought to your church, school or institution for instruction if a variety of clay and fiber classes.

Egyptian Paste Beads
This is a three contact hour workshop. There will be instruction on the history of Egyptian Paste Faience beads, demonstration of marbling, rolling, cutting and forming beads to be once fired and one-on-one help for students to create their own beads and ornaments. Instruction sheets of this 3000 year process are included and distributed to participants.

Egyptian paste is made up each time fresh for use. Eight colors will be provided for total of 15 students to work with individual colors or combine and pattern their bead creation. Some molds will be provided to make small animals or medallions. Beads when completed have a bright shiny glaze suitable for stringing, making earrings or just decorative objects.
Bead or objects made will be fired at Back Door Pottery and returned the following week. Work can be done on tables covered in plastic. Plastic on rugs is advised. Age 6 or older
Total fee with instruction, materials and firing, $500.

Hand building in Clay
This is a three contact hour workshop.
Instruction includes the basic techniques of hand building: Slab, modeling, pinch and coil. Materials (clay) should accommodate up to 15 students to make at least 3 objects to be fired. Pieces will be fired and returned in one week. Students can use acrylic paint to complete the sculptures or pots on their own. Paint or a second glaze firing is not included in this workshop.

All clay and hand building tools will be supplied. Example: an assortment of textured rollers, cutting tools, cookie cutters, and rolling pins. Work can be done on tables covered in plastic. Some water used in creating the objects. Age 6 or older. .

Total fee with instruction , materials and firing $500

Mosaic Pot
This is a two session workshop. First day, 4 hours with a break to tile the object. Second session should be scheduled at least 48 hours after tile is glued before setting the grout. Two hour session for grouting.

Instruction includes how to cut or break tile, glue and grout a 4 inch flower pot or other small object. Instruction on designing the mosaic pattern or design on the object is included. Simpler designs take less time to complete.

Students are encouraged to bring a flower pot, old lamp, bowling ball or other object to tile. Mastic (or glue), grout and assortment of colored tile, goggles for children or adults breaking or cutting tile is provided. Work can be done on tables covered in plastic. Plastic to cover any rugs on the floors advised. Water needed for mixing grout and clean up. Age 6 or older.

Total fee with instruction and materials. $ 600.

Spinning Fiber into yarn.
Two contact hour workshop.
Instruction is given on how to prepare the fiber, and use a drop spindle. Demonstrations will be given on using hand cards, carding machine, drop spindle and spinning wheel. One-on-one instruction is given on how to use a drop spindle and spinning wheel. A variety of fibers such as sheep, alpaca, angora, silk, flax and cotton will be on hand for show and tell. Some of those fibers will be turned into yarns to take home. Age 6 or older.

Total fee with instruction and materials $300.

Paper making out of recycled materials.
This is a three contact hour workshop.
There will be information the history of paper making and hands on assistance with students making their own sheets of paper. Handouts are included and distributed to participants.

Supplies brought to the site include, three colors of paper pulp, sizing, 3 vats, deckles and frames, felts, blenders, and hand screw paper press .
Materials should accommodate up to 15 students to make at least 2 sheets of Handmade Paper.

Students are encouraged to bring materials to add to the paper pulp. Example: Yarn, string, confetti, dried flowers, glitter, dryer lint and etc. This makes the paper more unique and personal. Paper can be dried or ironed to flatten and use immediately for drawing, cards or book making.

A space with water and electricity needed. Kitchen or cafeteria recommended or the class can be conducted outside as there is access to hose or water. A minimum of 5, 6 foot tables needed. . Age 6 or older.

Total $500.

Do you need your pots fired? Fire them at Back Door Pottery!

KILN Rental Fees:

3 cu. foot electric kiln
$40 bisque or glaze firing
7 cu. foot electric kiln
$60 bisque or glaze firing
24 cu. foot gas kiln
$300 bisque or glaze firing
3 cu. foot Raku Kiln firings
$35 minimum per load

client must be present to assist in loading

  • These fees stand with the client loading and unloading their own work.
  • Technical assistance in loading is available.
  • For some of you, renting a kiln may be a better value than firing by the piece.


Back Door Potter has recently upgraded it's heart of the studio the "Cone 10 Kiln". When originally designed and built in 1993 the 40 Cu Ft kiln was to be a car kiln. Everything was constructed to hold the car or sometimes called a cart complete with the concrete driveway. After getting the kiln built money was short for actually building the steel car and tracks, so a temporary floor was put in UNTIL NOW. No more bricking up the door when everything is stacked. Not only is it easier to load for small functional ware, it is now convenient to fire larger sculptural ware. The next upgrade is rebuilding the arch to add 4 more inches to the height. New arch will be later in the year.

Many thanks go to Dan Siglar for tweaking the design and building the kiln cart and tracks. He also came up with a kiln puller or hitching post to pull the kiln car out of the kiln. I can now pull the cart out of the kiln with the use of the wench hitched to the cart & post. (kind of heavy when loaded) Check out www.ironmandan.com for help in your custom iron work.

Thanks also go to super student Lisa Anetsberger for her help in stacking up the bricks and pots on the new cart. She also is responsible for the Wood Fired Raku video on my site. Thank you all.

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Before Fired
After Fired

We accept personal and Cashiers Checks.  Prices do not include shipping and handling.  Delivery times vary. 
Please allow at least 3 weeks to instock pieces, and 8 weeks for custom orders.  Contact us for shipping costs to your zip code.  Prices subject to change.

All pottery, copywrite by Rebecca Koop    
Most Assorted Stoneware and Majolica Photos by Janet Ryan.