About Stoneware and Porcelain
Every piece of Rebecca Koop's pottery is an individual, formed by hand on the potter's wheel or by hand using slab or various sculpture techniques. Sets of mugs or dinnerware are very similar to each other but have a character uniquely their own. All work is bisque fired, glazed by dipping, brushing, pouring or spraying and gas kiln-fired to F 2400 in a reduction atmosphere. This atmosphere gives me the rich copper red glaze effects. The high-fire process also gives the clay bodies and their glazes warm earth tones and textures impossible to achieve at lower temperatures.

All glazes used are lead-free and acid resistant, oven-proof, dishwasher and microwave-safe. Every piece is safe for everyday use with food and drink. To prolong the life of each piece, avoid extreme temperature changes. Casseroles or baking dishes should be heated up with the oven. Cold teapots should be warmed before adding boiling water. Do not place any hand made pot on a direct flame or heating element. With a reasonable care your Koop stoneware and porcelain pots should give you a lifetime of enjoyment.
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Extruded Stoneware Boxes

Extruded wares are formed by forcing clay through a “die” or shape cut out of a plate. The principal is much like the popular children’s  toy “Play dough Fun Factory”.  Die’s can be cut out of wood, plastic, metal or other material.  Tiles, trim, tubes, coils and other shapes can be forced through the die and then manipulated and assembled. The tea house series and butter dishes are formed in this way making the bottom U shape, roof and handles.  My Fish Cups, and soap pumps are formed in this way. Bases and handles are added to make the finished objects.


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All pottery, copywrite by Rebecca Koop    
Most Assorted Stoneware and Majolica Photos by Janet Ryan.